What's limiting us?

It's very hard for us to see our own shortcomings. We all have patterns of thinking and behaviors that continually limit our growth. How do we begin to see these limits so that we may overcome them?

Here's a wonderful excerpt from The Achievement Habit:

A drunk man is walking along the street and collides with a lamppost. He bounces backward, and after regaining his composure again makes his way forward, only to collide with the same lamppost and experience a similar backward bounce. Again he regains composure, and then suffers another backward bounce. These actions are all repeated several more times. Finally, in frustration, he sits down and says, "I give up. They have me surrounded."

The uncomfortable truth is that we're all drunk when it comes to certain "lampposts" in our life. It's very hard to personally see our own problems. Yet, its very clear from an outsider's perspective, assuming they're sober that is! We often lie to ourselves and make up false excuses because its much easier than admitting that we still have much to learn. Our attachment to our identity and desire to be right all the time undermines our ability to be honest with ourselves, which also makes it harder to be genuinely curious and honest about the world around us.

The truth is that beauty, wisdom, inspiration, opportunities, and solutions exist everywhere (in every religion, story, person, and thing) yet not everyone sees it.

Imagine if we could all begin seeing the world more honestly with less biases, assumptions, and judgements. Our field of perception would open up to illuminate patterns and possibilities which were previously invisible.

This website is just another resource to help expose people to more perspectives. Science, psychology, neuroscience, yoga, meditation, sports, religion, etc., expose us to different perspectives and yet all share similar underlying formulas of truth. With more perspective comes more ways that we can walk around the problematic "lampposts" in our life. With more perspective comes greater clarity, greater curiosity, and the ability to see more sustainably healthy solutions for ourselves and the world around us. Imagine how humanity would be affected if each of us became more honest, compassionate, and curious?

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