Place water in a vase and it becomes the vase. Place Dustin Hampton on a board and he becomes the board. It's almost as if he's unconsciously flowing with effortless grace on the blacktop much like a cheetah would in the Serengeti. It's astounding to be so relaxed and free at the insane speed he's travelling at. There's no time for doubt or self editing. The mind gives rise to thought and those thoughts are immediately translated into action. It's a perfect matrimony between the mind and body. Just as yoga is a tool to connect the mind and body, and meditation is to the mind and breath (which serves as a gateway to the body), the longboard connects the mind, body, and soul to the spontaneous majesty of nature itself. Nature which is "merciless but righteous", as Wim Hoff would describe it. We've become victims of our own success to a degree. Our cleverness has made us comfortable and we've forgotten that nature is naturally unforgiving. It does not exist to provide for us, but rather that we exist because of nature's gracious provisions.

Looking at the stars gives us a sense of awe. It's discomforting because it makes us feel small, and through this sense of insignificance we're given a new perspective of gratitude and a sense of what really matters. It's equally discomforting to picture humans as just animals adapted to survive in an unforgiving nature, but its also humbling and gives a new found sense of gratitude and respect. Respect not only towards the outer nature, but towards also our inner primal nature and the mechanics of our natural biology.

Our aversion to risk has also increased our aversion to bliss. The longboard provides a portal to the halcyon period where our survival wasn't guaranteed. There are no safety nets and very little margins for error. It's simplicity at its finest. Just you and the road, separated by 4 polyurethane wheels, a wooden board, and two pieces of steel binding the wheels to the board. It catapults the mind to a new place, away from the depression of the past, and removed from future anxieties. It's taken to a place of bliss. Perhaps our ancestors were naturally in this state, and we've now traded it for comfort. As Laird Hamilton says, "We were always in the 'aha' moment". A place of perfect simplicity that comes about not when there is nothing left to add, but rather when there is nothing left to remove.

It's marvellous to witness the thrill, freedom, scenery, and athleticism that longboarding offers. Each hour of their dedicated practice serving as blots of ink mixing together to form a spectacular piece of moving art which stimulates our eyes and imagination. It's an incredible example of a moving meditation, and how letting go can lead to more control.

Be simple, be still, be an animal, be anything. Be Limitless.

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